This 14-Year-Old Makes Over $1 Million Every Year

EvanTubeHD is an American YouTube channel comprised of his sister, Jillian, his father, Jared, better known as “DaddyTube”, and his mother, Karen, better known as “MommyTube”. 

Family influencer ventures are an extraordinary method to bond with your youngsters, show them life exercises, and, make a huge number of dollars. He showcases toys and gadgets on this channel, as well as doing challenges alongside his family members. 

In any event, that is the situation with EvanTubeHD, the lovably fun YouTube channel that an 14-year-old kid named Evan began with his father three years back. In his recordings, Evan shows and audits the most recent toys and computer games for kids. His dad Jared, who runs a photography and video creation organization, rejuvenates the audits. 

On camera, the charming young man (with intermittent assistance from his sister and mother) educates his crowd concerning the age proposals for each toy and who may appreciate playing with them. Yet, maybe the most energizing part is watching his face light up when he removes another toy from the bundling. 

With right around 750 million perspectives, Evan is a guaranteed YouTube star. Also, as per Business Insider, Evan acquires $1.3 million every year from his toy audit recordings. 

These income originate from advertisement deals, Evan’s dad Jared disclosed to Newsweek a year ago. He clarified that a business group attempts to sell promotions and arrange to manage different brands. All things considered, the father hasn’t quit his employment yet. “All the returns from our YouTube channels go legitimately into reserve funds and venture represents the children’s prospects,” he noted.

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