FouseyTube’s New Book is an Instant Best Seller

Yousef Saleh Erakat, better known by his influencer name Fousey, is a YouTube personality, actor and now author. Not only author but an instant best-selling author. Throughout the last week, Erakat told his followers that he had the “biggest announcement of his life” on January 22, which coincidentally is also his birthday. At 1:00pm EST today he released a new video announcing his book:

WARNING! This is NOT a Motivational Story. *July 15th.. Chapter 2*

The video was essentially a movie trailer of what the last 5 years of his life were like. At the end of the video, he announced his new book titled: “Warning: This is Not a Motivational Story.” The book is currently on pre-order on Amazon and instantly rose to become the #1 Best Seller in Artist & Architect Biographies.

Fousey celebrated this accomplishment on his social media:

We recently recognized Fousey as our artist of the week. Erakat is off to a booming start in 2021 and we will continue to follow his various projects.

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